Kick (cigarette) butt with CBD oil

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quitting cigarettes

“That’s it, I’m quitting for good!”

Thousands have said it, have declared being finished with smoking cigarettes forever, but not all manage to pull through. The mere mention of quitting cigarettes can bring a sympathetic grimace to any face, as we all know that nicotine cravings are notoriously tough to beat. Fortunately for those seeking to kick the butt completely, there’s a natural secret weapon: cannabidiol (CBD).

One of the most promising benefits of cannabidiol is that CBD oil users can experience the benefits of cannabis without the high or the smoke. For some individuals who need to really distance themselves from a given habit in order to quit it, smoking marijuana might only add to the desire to smoke tobacco. For those whose main concern is the inhalation of smoke, smoking marijuana is simply not an option. Fortunately, the direct administration of vaporized cannabidiol can help bypass both the temptation and the smoke.

In a fascinating placebo-controlled, double-blind study by the Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit at University College London, 24 smokers were randomly assigned either a CBD inhaler or a placebo to administer when they felt a craving for a cigarette. Those who received the placebo saw no significant reduction in the number of cigarettes they smoked, while those who used the CBD inhaler saw a 40% decrease in cigarette use. The smokers who were given the CBD inhaler also reported no significant increase in nicotine cravings, suggesting that the cannabidiol functioned to curb participants’ smoking habits without exacerbating withdrawal symptoms.

Although more studies are needed to confirm these results on a broader basis (and to fairly compare this treatment to other existing smoking cessation treatments), the information garnered from the London study is promising. Researchers and proponents of using vaporized CBD oil to assist in quitting cigarettes also believe that it can be used to successfully quit smoking marijuana for those using it for medicinal reasons or work in industries that don’t tolerate cannabis use.

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