New Third Party Lab Results!

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Lab Results

New Third Party Lab Results!

Cannabidiol is a highly debated product in the current US political and medical world, and everyone’s experience with ANY cannabinoid or hemp product can be different. Each of us has a unique brain with unique brain receptors and unique tolerances. That being said we are confident and stand behind that fact that our products are made LEGALLY and to the HIGHEST production standards available. When our integrity is in question we rely on the work of Independent Labs to test our products so that you, our consumers know what you are using and what it contains. We hope that this transparency is a refreshing turn from the practice of some unscrupulous purveyors who unfortunately exist in the CBD market.


Just Chill CBD Oil Lab Reports

Steep Hill Laboratory

Toxicology Associates Inc Laboratory Report for Synthetic Cannabinoids

Research Triangle Park Laboratories, Inc