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What Shipping Options Are Available?”

We offer wide range of shipping options to meet your needs:

  • USPS Mail with Tracking                    = FREE All Orders
  • USPS Priority Mail with Tracking       = $10
  • FedEx 2-Day Shipping**                     = $35 (Free for orders over $299)
  • FedEx Overnight Shipping**              = $75

** Available Monday – Friday and order must be received by 2PM EASTERN**
SIGNATURE REQUIRED on orders over $200


Most orders are processed and shipped on the same day if the order was received before 2PM EASTERN, MONDAY – THURSDAY.  Orders are normally processed by 2PM EASTERN, MONDAY – THURSDAY.  FRIDAY AND WEEKEND ORDERS will be normally shipped on MONDAY by 2PM EASTERN.  **Shipping times may vary during the Holidays**
When your order is shipped, you will receive tracking information to the email that was used during checkout or account email.  Please keep in mind USPS shipments can take a few hours to show any updates from the time the shipment is created.
Yes!  Your order will arrive in a non-descript package with only the shipping label showing sender as Just Chill Products.
Easy!  Simply register free as a user on Just Chill Products and become a member.  You can even use your Facebook or Twitter account to sign-in.  You will receive emails and promotions including discounts and special offers for members.  It is always free to register, so start saving more now!
Before opening the 1ml bottle, shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds.
*Tip: You can microwave the small bottle for 4 seconds to warm the liquid then shake well before use.  NEVER microwave the tank or anything metal.
To open the 1ml bottle, gently push the top of the lid sideways while holding the bottle firmly right where the bottle and lid meet.
To open the 1ml tank, gently pop off the black mouthpiece.
Carefully pull the clear rubber stopper off the top of the tank.
Insert the 1ml bottle dropper tip and gently squeeze and fill the 1ml tank with 1ml of Just Chill CBD oil which will fill the main tank area completely.  Do not overfill.
Replace the clear rubber stopper and gently snap the black mouthpiece back on.
*Tip: If using the 3ml refill bottle, an option is to refill the 1ml bottle then fill the 1ml tank with the 1ml bottle. The 3ml dropper is not as easy to use for filling 1ml tank.
Carefully screw the tank onto your battery.  Do not overtighten as this damage the tank or cause it to be hard to unscrew the battery without damaging the tank.  To use the tank with our Auto-Draw Battery correctly attached simply draw on the mouthpiece to begin vaping.
Take 2 or 3 firm and smooth draws and hold your breath for only a few seconds for absorption.
Repeat as desired or every hour.
*Tip: The idea is to get the hottest fullest vapor without getting too hot to make the CBD oil burn so use a fully charged battery when possible.  This will result in loss of flavor and harsher vapor.  Try to keep the flavor and taste right on the edge of in your draw and then you are not too hot.  This is especially true if using a different battery than ours.
As soon as the liquid is no longer visible in the tank, or as soon as the taste begins to change. Then immediately discard the unit and replace with a new one or refill the tank. Avoid using to the point where you are effectively smoking the dry wick, which can be unpleasant.
The battery is a universal 510 threaded connection which fits perfectly with any 1mL or any .5mL tanks sold on Just Chill Products. In normal operation the battery will light red at the end when activated by drawing suction on the other end. When the battery flashing red or does not blink at all, the battery most likely needs charger via the USB charger included with every Just Chill Battery.
USB Charger LED Lighting:
• Yellow/Red Light = Power Unit Is Charging
• Flickering Red & Green Light = Charge Nearly Complete
• Solid Green Light = Charge Complete
Please study your local laws and ordinances before using Just Chill Products in public places.
Just Chill Products are strictly for persons over 18 years of age. Just Chill Products are not to be sold or marketed to anyone under 18 years of age.